Blue Blood Frenchies
We raise some of the most beautiful French Bulldogs in the world! Our puppies are healthy and well
socialized. We have several colors including blues, blue fawn and blue pied. If you are considering
adding a Frenchie to your home please read over all the information on our website. Feel free to
contact us with any questions you might have.
      Our Passion!
Ever since I can remember
I have been in love with
the breed. I finally was
able to purchase my first
French Bulldog seven years
ago and love her dearly.
She was everything I could
have dreamed,
funny, loving and a devoted
family member. Her name
is Olivia and she is the
reason this passion of
loving Frenchies began.
    About Frenchies!
Frenchies are indoor dogs,
and require air conditioning
in warm weather. While
good at alerting their
owners to danger (Look!
The UPS Guy is coming!),
their main role is that of
lap warmer. The Frenchie
requires minimal exercise
and grooming.
Often described as "a
clown in the cloak of a
philosopher," the French
Bulldog originated as, and
continues to be used as a
companion dog. The breed
is small and muscular with
heavy bone structure, a
smooth coat, a short face
and trademark "bat" ears.
     Prized for their
affectionate natures and
even dispositions, they are
generally active and alert,
but not unduly boisterous.
Frenchies can be brindle,
fawn, white, and
brindle / white.
Contact: Karla Lowe
We have other colors of
Frenchies too! To see some
of our other colors visit
our Photo Album. Also
check out our Available
Puppy page to see our new
Eight Blue babies!